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In the pilot episode, James and Elise are each on a first date – both with men and both trying to see if this crazy idea of staying married and starting to date can work. Can they keep this secret from their kids and the church? How does a man preaching love and truth deceive his congregation to start seeing men? As James begins exploring the gay world, what worlds will Elise begin exploring and will it help or hurt their marriage?


Season one will focus on the lengths James and Elise go toward keeping their secrets, both from their family, their church and from one another. Although church leaders have their suspicions that something is wrong with James, they have no idea that he has come out to his wife and began dating men. Church elders recommend counseling sessions for James and Elise and they see just how far they can go in being honest with the therapist.


James continues to see Raul, putting a lot of energy into resisting his sexual advances. Elise discovers a network of people in her shoes, literally a “straight spouse network”, where she begins connecting with people online who have a similar story. As Elise continues to secretly write salacious stories of made-up sexual encounters, we discover that she is publishing these in an anonymous site for amateur erotic novelists.


Elise gets a little careless with hiding her true emotions from her children, especially Talia, her teenager. Trying to stay vague enough to hide the truth and specific enough to get her mature daughter’s insight into James, Elise is looking for confirmation from her daughter that she is not crazy and that, if it were to come to it, the children would pick Elise over James. When Talia begins to confide in her mother about her own troubles with boys, Elise realizes how ridiculous she’s been looking for relationship advice from a girl not even through puberty.


At church, Kimberly begins to watch James closely, knowing that if he falls from grace, he’ll most likely take her down with him. She decides it is in her best interest to know what seems to be haunting James, and she begins to do her own surveillance of James’ private life. When she starts dating one of the church elders, they bond over the belief that something is going on with James and together they feel unstoppable in their quest to discover the truth.


The season ends with Talia discovering her mother’s online journal = revealing her dad’s homosexuality and her mom’s apparent extramarital affairs. Kimberly and the church elder follow James to a gay bar where he gets drunk, generously tips the go-go boys and makes out with a man in a dark corner of the club.




KEVIN MCCLOSKEY (Writer/Director) Kevin graduated from UC San Diego’s film school and wrote his first TV pilot, FAMILY TRIP, with his brother Brian in 2004. Since then, Kevin has written numerous shorts, features, and web series. He loves to tell coming-of-age stories that explore personal transformation in unique ways. Kevin’s first feature script, TETLOACH’S AMERICAN DREAM won the top prize in the Faith and Values Screenwriting Competition and was optioned by a production company. Since then he has written and produced a number of shorts (MARKED, MOST HIGH), web series (TYLER’S RIDE, TRINITY) and spec scripts (THE LYONS DEN, THE LIFE, DEATH, AND LIFE OF EDDIE GREEN). Kevin was married for 19 years and has three children, Rachel (23), Grace (20) and Silas (9). After a long coming out process, Kevin went through a divorce, got fired from his job as a Family Pastor and began working at the Los Angeles LGBT Center. He also met Tony, the man of his dreams, and fell deeply in love. Kevin and Tony were married in April of 2018. Inspired by his own journey, Kevin wrote SHOW ME YOURS to explore the ideas of identity, faith and starting over.


TRENT NAKAMURA (Producer) is a filmmaker, film educator, and advocate for LGBTQ+ and POC representation in media. Since graduating from Loyola Marymount University with a double degree in Film and Television Production & Recording Arts, he has worked with numerous non-profit film-related organizations including Outfest, Young Storytellers, AFI FEST, the International Documentary Association, and Visual Communications. Trent's short film IT'S A BOY, created through Outfest: The Young Filmmakers Project, premiered at Outfest Los Angeles and won an Audience Award at the Out Here Now: Kansas City LGBT Film Festival Closing Night Film Competition. He is currently writing his first narrative feature, coordinating shorts and features programming for the 35th annual Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, and mentoring queer filmmakers through Outfest's Educational Programs.


JEY MCKINLEY (Producer) is a screen and television writer currently based in Los Angeles. A graduate from The University of Michigan’s Film & Video Studies program, Jey has worked with and volunteered for various media-related organizations such as The Red Door Productions and Young Storytellers. Aside from working on her television project Techies, Jey works as an assistant and researcher on an untitled documentary highlighting the lives of children with autism. 


DONNA MILLER (Director of Photography, Editor) is a filmmaker, musician, composer, and consultant for LGBTQ+ representation in media. She began her career in media production while working as a composer, sound designer, and video editor in the late ‘90s. By 2003, she had worked on over 25 video game titles for companies like Tetris, Disney, EA, THQ, Activision, and numerous educational and pharmaceutical marketing companies. She has won numerous awards for producing, songwriting, performing and writing.


KEITH A. BEARDEN (Casting Director) is an accomplished actor that has enjoyed an extended career in musical theater on Broadway, with national touring companies, and regional theatres across the country and Southern California. Some of his credits include WICKED, SHREK THE MUSICAL, JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR, and FAME. He also has experience in television and film and the voice-over industry including DAYS OF OUR LIVES, CYBILL, BEVERLY KILLS!, and LOVE LIFE. 


JEANA CHO (Production Designer) is a senior at UCLA majoring in Communication and double-minoring in Film, TV, & Digital Media and Asian American Studies. Jeana has served on the Executive Board of the UCLA Video Production Crew and has worked as a Production Designer on the web series Growing Nowhere. Jeana has also worked closely with Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Renee Tajima-Peña on a docuseries about Asian American history, which will premiere on PBS. She is currently working at the Center for the Art of Performance at UCLA and interning at Visual Communications. After graduating, she plans to continue her work as a Production Designer and advocate for the accurate representation of Asian American & Pacific Islanders and other people of color in film and television. 

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